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Yasmeen walks out on Geoff in Coronation Street - will he kill her in revenge?

Dramatic showdown to have terrifying consequences

Published: Friday, 3rd April 2020 at 7:55 pm

Yasmeen Metcalfe (Shelley King) finally walked out on abusive husband Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew) in Coronation Street, but fans' cheers turned to fears when he issued a menacing threat as she tried to leave - and the storyline is set to take it's most sinister turn yet next week.


Friday 3rd April saw bullied Yasmeen rumble her controlling other half's infidelity with hired escorts, as well as the deceptive lengths he plumbed to prevent her attend a family wedding in Spain.

Gruesome Geoff's usual attempts at twisting the truth and placing the blame on his cowering wife failed to work, and brave Yas decided she wasn't going to stand for any more lies.

Grabbing a packed bag she calmly announced she was off to stay with granddaughter Alya Nazir - who has been trying to make her relative realised she's been the victim of coercive control for months. Then Geoff stood in her way and told her she wasn't going anywhere…

This dramatic cliffhanger puts Yasmeen in serious danger, but can reveal what happens next, and that events are about take an unguessable twist.

The action picks up on Monday 6th April when Yasmeen thankfully manages to get out of the house and finds Alya, who is relived when her gran tells her she has seen the light and left Geoff. However, her sense of freedom is short-lived when she starts receiving unnerving messages on her phone from her troubled hubby that suggest he may be considering taking his own life…

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Yasmeen dashes back home, hoping she's not too late, and Geoff is nowhere to be seen - but there are worrying signs all is not well as the lounge is trashed, a photo frame smashed and suspicious drops of blood are on the furniture.

Has Geoff really ended it all? What does this mean for Yasmeen's future? Later next week she meets with the police, who reveal some disturbing secretes about her other half's criminal past. But is this after the riddle of his disappearance has been solved?

The Metcalfes' marriage has been one of Corrie's most talked-about storylines of 2020, as Geoff's subtle control of his spouse has ramped up slowly but surely. The chilling scene in which he secretly slaughtered Yasmeen's pet chicken Charlotte Bronte then spitefully served it for dinner, without telling her what she was tucking into, sparked over 350 complaints to Ofcom from stunned viewers.


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