Poor Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King) has had a horrendous go of things on Coronation Street for some time now.


Viewers will know that the grandmother has been suffering terrible coercive control abuse at the hands of her husband, Geoff, who has taken great pleasure in trying to alienate her from all her friends and family.

It's been working too, and tragically she has been growing more and more isolated as time has gone on.

Geoff's wicked ways have recently stepped up a gear and Yasmeen has been struggling in the wake of it.

When he makes her wear a dress that belonged to one of his escorts for a trip to the Rovers, it's the final straw and the food-deprived Yasmeen reaches for a wine bottle and lunges at him in self-defence - leaving him bleeding out on the kitchen floor.

Her problems are only set to get worse from here as she calls an ambulance, admits what she has done, and faces some serious charges from the police for her moment of anger.

At the moment, it could be attempted murder, but with Geoff in hospital and not out of the woods, will that charge be raised to murder?

At the police station, Imram is on hand to try and offer Yasmeen help and guidance but he has to admit that things aren't looking good for her.


Meanwhile, the events become public knowledge on the cobbles when the police arrive and begin asking the community what they know about Geoff and Yasmeen's marriage.

Help is at hand for Yasmeen though as her granddaughter, Alya is about to make a return and by the sound of things, it won't be a moment too soon.

Will Yasmeen have to face jail time? And will Geoff pull through?


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