Coronation Street: where have you seen Tyler’s mum Vicky before? Who is actress Kerri Quinn?

The Corrie newcomer is set to get on the wrong side of Peter Barlow


There’s a new arrival on Coronation Street tonight in the form of Vicky Jefferies, the mum of jailed teen gang leader Tyler. Vicky will be seen being confronted by Peter in the wake of an attack on Simon by Tyler’s mates, who steal the teen’s bag and rip up his homework. But Vicky doesn’t see things from Peter’s view – in fact, she makes it clear that she actually blames Simon for her son being in prison!


Peter is understandably angry at Vicky’s reaction, but a further shock comes when Carla ends up giving Vicky a job at the factory. Despite his appeals to sack her, Carla is left with no choice but to keep her on when Beth and Kirk phone in sick. What will Peter’s reaction be?

Come Home - EP 1

Actress Kerri Quinn – who is playing the role of Vicky – seen earlier this year playing Brenna Coyle, the lover of Christopher Eccleston’s character Greg, in the emotional BBC1 custody-fight drama Come Home (see pic above).


The 35-year-old star is a graduate of Queen’s University and has previously appeared in stage productions of Educating Rita, Cabaret and Dancing Shoes.


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