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Coronation Street: "We want a big fat Asian gay wedding," Bhavna Limbachia talks Kate and Rana's future

But there's big drama to come before #Kana fans get to see any sign of nuptials

Published: Tuesday, 13th March 2018 at 11:10 am

Bhavna Limbachia has revealed her hopes for Rana and Kate's future on Coronation Street. Asked by whether she thinks the two characters will be together in a year's time, the actress said:


"I really do hope so. It wouldn't be Coronation Street without there being some hurdles in the way. But they have a strong following - the #Kana fans are amazing. So it would be nice for Kate and Rana to be together. What we'd like is a big fat Asian gay wedding."

However, speculation is rife that Rana is about to be kidnapped by her own parents, who will plot to send her to Pakistan in a bid to keep her away from Kate. Teasing the upcoming drama, Limbachia said:

"There could well be danger ahead for Rana. Her parents have set up this financial arrangement with Zeedan and think they've solved that problem. However, it doesn't go to plan. They do find out about Rana and Kate and take drastic action."


On the topic of the prejudice Rana faces from her own family due to her sexuality, Limbachia added: "It's still very much taboo in the Asian community, so it needs to be addressed and highlighted.

"It's nice to raise awareness. And Coronation Street is great at putting these stories together and making a huge difference."

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