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Coronation Street: watch Vic Reeves's debut scene!

See actor Jim Moir make his entrance in a sneak peek look at tonight's Corrie

Published: Monday, 18th September 2017 at 10:37 am

Comedian and actor Jim Moir (aka Vic Reeves) makes his debut on Coronation Street playing Colin Callen, a marketing exec who makes the acquaintance of Mary and Norris.


Corrie fans can get a sneak peek of Moir's first scene right here as the newly married Coles arrive at the radio station as they bid to win the local Mr and Mrs competition.

Colin soon introduces himself, explaining that although he now works in PR, he used to own a chain of newsagents that went to his ex-wife in his divorce - hence his special interest in Norris...

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Talking recently about how long he'll be on the Street, Moir told “I’m here for three months. And then I disappear, though not in a bad way, so I could probably come back.”

Explaining that he was kept in the dark about the character he’d be playing until filming began, Moir added: “I had no idea what the character was until I turned up. It was near to the knuckle.

“And I don’t think I’d worked out what Colin was about until…yesterday! I’ll have worked out what he’s like by the time I leave.”


Watch the scene below. Beneath that, there's an interview with Jim Moir filmed on the set of Coronation Street. And don't forget to watch our 60-second rundown of all this week's drama.


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