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Coronation Street: Tyrone kisses Gemma - "It is out of the blue!" says Dolly-Rose Campbell

Ty takes solace in Gemma's arms after a big bust-up with Fiz

Published: Tuesday, 27th February 2018 at 6:55 am

Gemma Winter will get the shock of her life on next week's Coronation Street as neighbour Tyrone Dobbs plants a kiss on her.


Ty looks set to find solace away from Fiz after a marital bust-up results in her taking young Hope and moving in with Ches.

The reason for Fiz quitting the family home comes when Tyrone admits that Ruby's behaviour has worsened while Fiz has been away. Fearing that the youngster is turning into a mini Kirsty, Fiz moves out in a bid to keep Hope safe.


Scenes to be sown on Friday 9 March will then see Gemma call round at No 5, only to be left surprised when Tyone reveals that Fiz has taken Hope away believing her to be in danger from Ruby.

As Tyone confides in Gemma about how Kirsty used to beat him up, a shocked Gemma tries to make him feel better by telling him about her own disastrous relationships. Caught up in the moment Tyrone leans in for a kiss - will Gemma respond?

"It is out of the blue," says actress Dolly-Rose Campbell. "Gemma wasn’t expecting this from Tyrone so she is surprised by it. But she’s at a low point. Gemma is flattered that somebody like Tyrone might be interested in her because the kind of guys that have been interested in her in the past have either not stayed around or they’re like Henry and haven’t been interested for the right reasons."

Speaking about her experience working more closely with co-star Alan Halsall, Campbell adds: "It’s great fun, he’s very funny. He’s really good with the children as well when they’re in the scene."

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