Todd’s world falls apart on Coronation Street – will he ever get Billy back?

Todd's secret came out in spectacular fashion.

todd billy coronation street

It was a bad night to be Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Evans) in Coronation Street tonight, as his lies and deceit were exposed in dramatic circumstances – and he may have lost everyone he loves as a result.


Viewers already know that while Todd is now back with Billy Mahey (Daniel Brocklebank), he only managed it through deception, which included framing Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) for a crime he did not commit. But Todd has not been acting alone – he has had the help of a teenager called Will (Ben Hackett) and it is this association that has come back to bite him.

Will has been blackmailing Todd for a large amount of money if he wanted his secret to remain safe. Todd being unable to pay caused Will to follow through with his threat by sending an incriminating video to Paul, which he used the big, and very public, calendar launch to debut.

Swapping the laptop that was set up to play the proper video with his own computer, onlookers, including Todd, Billy and Summer (Harriet Bibby) were horrified as everything that Todd had done was revealed – including stealing the heat lamp and trying to pin it on Paul.


It was clear to Todd that he had no leg to stand on, and that there was no way of talking himself out of this one, so all he could do was own up and hope for forgiveness. It soon became clear that there was no forgiveness coming when he had to be pushed to apologise, but the real indication of how much damage he had done was still to come.

After getting the cold shoulder from all directions to the point that he could not even enjoy a drink in The Rovers, Todd sat dejected on a bench in the street. But the police soon arrived and arrested him for theft as Billy, Paul and Summer watched on.

To make things even worse for Todd, he quickly learned that it was not just Billy who played a part in calling the cops, with Summer insisting she was also part of the decision to see him brought to justice.

How much trouble is Todd now in with the police? And is there any way back for him and Billy after this devastating betrayal, or is this relationship now over for good?


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