Coronation Street to air a character’s shock death next week

Tyrone gets shock news

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Coronation Street has revealed that Tyrone Dobbs’s mum Jackie will be given an off-screen death in scenes to be shown next week. The soap’s official website has released plotline details on the upcoming drama that reads: “Tyrone is shocked when there is a knock at the door and it’s the police. How will Tyrone react when the police officer reveals that his mum, Jackie, has died?”


The character of Jackie made her debut in 1998 as the cellmate of Deirdre Rachid and soon followed her back on to the Street with son Tyrone. After fleeing back to Liverpool the following year, Jackie ended up making sporadic appearances in Weatherfield until March 2010, when Ty threw her out after she interfered in his and then-wife Molly’s relationship.

But how Tyrone feel now that there’s no chance of a reconciliation with his wayward mother? Will he regret past actions? And who on the Street could provide a shoulder to cry on?


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