Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) took steps to cover his tracks in tonight's Coronation Street (28th September), following his latest shocking act.


Earlier this week, Stephen killed Leo Thompkins (Joe Frost) during a confrontation over Stephen's fraudulent activities. Later, he returned to where poor Leo lay lifeless in a factory bin and dragged his body into a van.

In the aftermath, the character tried to maintain his composure as he worked to avoid suspicion. The problem was, Leo's partner Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) was patiently waiting for him to return so they could set off for Canada, where they intended to start a new life together.

With Jenny believing that Leo had been out on the town with his friends the night before, she soon began to wonder where he was as she called him repeatedly. But her stepdaughter Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) recalled her last conversation with Leo, during which he expressed doubts about his relationship after Jenny's kiss with Stephen.

Stephen and Leo in Coronation Street
Stephen killed Leo. ITV

Daisy and her boyfriend Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) became convinced that Leo had left Jenny, and they took her to the Bistro to break the news. Jenny was heartbroken, although she noted that Leo had gone without his passport.

At the Rovers, Stephen was able to get away with the next stage of his cover up. As oblivious Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) took charge of the pub, Stephen furtively took his opportunity to slip into the backroom while she was occupied. He took Leo's luggage and passport, setting it up to look like Leo had been back in Jenny's absence.

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This allowed Jenny to accept that Leo had left for Canada without her, and she struggled to deal with the situation. She and Daisy hoped to track him down at the airport, but as Leo originally had all the tickets and flight details, she was unsuccessful in getting anywhere near the plane. Little did she know that poor Leo had his life ripped away from him before he could chase his future.

Viewers later saw Stephen setting fire to Leo's belongings, therefore keeping up his vile ruse. But will Jenny really give up on Leo, or might she come to wonder what's actually happened to him?

Speaking to and other media, actor Boyce reveals what Stephen's next move will be in his efforts to fool Jenny.

"He goes back to the scene of the crime, and he sees Leo's phone which [they] were scuffling over which had been forgotten about on the ground.

"He manages to make it seem like Leo is in Canada, so for all the world everyone thinks: 'Well his passport's gone, his suitcase is gone, he's sending text messages saying everything's great in Canada, so it's the perfect cover.'"

The question now is, has Stephen left any loose ends in his plot?

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