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Coronation Street star Sean Wilson on Martin’s comeback – “He knows there’s something wrong with David”

The actor reveals all about his return to Weatherfield

Published: Tuesday, 13th March 2018 at 6:55 am

Coronation Street returnee Sean Wilson has revealed that Martin Platt will be the one to spot that all is not right with son David in the aftermath of his rape by mechanic Josh Tucker.


“David has to unburden himself at some point and that’s where Martin comes in,” says Wilson, who is back on screen in next week’s episodes. “Martin’s not silly and he has a medical background, so it’s clear to him that something is wrong with David. It’s obvious.”

The trouble is that David has been so traumatised by Josh’s sexual assault that he’s struggling to speak out. “Martin starts to get very worried about David. Once or twice, David really gets close to telling his dad, but he doesn’t,” adds Wilson.


The upcoming drama sees David leave Weatherfield in the aftermath of the attack and pay a visit to see his dad, who is about to emigrate to New Zealand. While there, David then makes a seismic decision about his own future.

“Martin is packing to start a new life in New Zealand, all of which gives David an opportunity to get out of town for good, so that he doesn’t have to face his attacker every day,” reveals the Corrie star. But he grabs the opportunity a little too quickly. All of his family are saying, ‘What? That’s come out of nowhere!”

Viewers will have to wait and see what happens as regards David’s future plans, but as for Wilson, he’s happy to return for a longer stint as Martin should there be a need for the character:

“Martin has so many connections to other characters on the show. Whether that’s acted upon is completely up to the powers that be. But I’d definitely be up for it. It was creatively warm between Jack [P Shepherd) and myself, so I couldn’t have asked for a better way to come back.”


At the time of Martin’s original exit in 2005, Wilson made it plain that he had left because he didn’t want to take part in a storyline that would have seen his character embark on a relationship with an underage girl. Speaking about that decision, he said:

“I felt that I had to stand very firm on the decision that I made and I think we all know what went on there, so there was a parting of the ways. But the people that were in charge have all moved on and gone elsewhere.

“Plus I thought that these new scripts were ace. It left me pleasantly surprised because I thought it would take the writers a while to get to know the character again. But when I walked onto the set and did my first scene with Jack, it was like I’d been in a coma for 12 years. It was nice and easy.

“I questioned myself before I walked into the building but I’m really pleased with the way it’s all turned around.”

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