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Coronation Street star Faye Brookes wants Kate and Rana to have a baby

It would be quite significant for a lesbian couple to be married and go through that whole process," says the Corrie actress

Published: Tuesday, 17th April 2018 at 6:55 am

Coronation Street star Faye Brookes has revealed that she wants her character Kate Connor to have a long future with partner Rana Nazir. "I would like to see them get married and for one of them to have a child. It would be quite significant for a lesbian couple to be married and go through that whole process," the actress said.


The pairing of Kate and Rana has gone down a storm with Corrie fans, with #Kana devotees hooked on each twist and turn of their relationship. But Brookes herself had reservations about the plotline when she was initially told about it:

"At first, I was sceptical when I was handed the responsibility of carrying this storyline, more so for Bhavna [Limbachia] because I didn't know what sort of backlash she would get.

"But it's all been really positive. It's been well received and I know that we're reaching out to a lot of young girls who are of the same religion as Rana. I only want the best for Kate and Rana's relationship, so if there is a fandom at the moment for Kate and Rana, then I am jumping on that bandwagon."

Those supporters will no doubt be rooting for their favourite couple again next week when - in the aftermath of an attempt by the Habeebs to get their daughter out of the country under false pretences - Kate reports Rana's mum to the police.


"It's actually Zeedan who plants the seed in Kate's head. Zee asks Rana how she's feeling about her parents and when Rana says that she hasn't heard from them, Kate thinks that they need to be careful because they don't know what they're going to do," explains the actress. "Kate doesn't think that the situation is safe - what they were doing is illegal, it was uncalled for and she just wants to protect Rana."

The trouble is that Rana is furious with Kate for her actions and heads off to the police station where she tells investigating officers that there's no way she would ever testify against her mum. Viewers will have to wait and see whether Rana will ultimately forgive Kate, but Brookes hopes that there won't be friction for long:

"I hope they'll get over these hurdles. This is a groundbreaking storyline and brilliant for both the LGBT community and Rana's religion. I think that’s really inspiring for the next generation, so let’s go forward with that. We are both trying to give everything we've got to this beginning of a relationship."

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