Coronation Street spoilers: Todd is told he’ll be scarred for life – first look pictures

Eileen and Jason will feel the force of Todd's anger in scenes to be shown later this week

Todd Grimshaw (Bruno Langley) is in for an ordeal over the coming weeks when he’s attacked by thugs and told later by doctors that it’s likely he’ll be scarred for life.


Scenes to be broadcast on Friday will see Todd set upon in town after his family fail to show up to a meal he’s organised. But when the rest of the Grimshaws visit Todd in hospital, he shouts at the likes of Eileen and Jason to get out after receiving the bad news about his injuries from medics.

“Todd’s always taken care of himself and his appearance. I think his reaction is how you would expect anyone’s to be, really. His initial thought is whether his face will ever be the same again, which is quite a human response to have. Mine would be the same. He asks the doctors whether he will ever look like him again,” says Bruno Langley. “He feels really lonely in the hospital, so combine that with the anger and blame he has towards his family, along with these horrible injuries, it’s safe to say he’s in a bad place. He feels really sorry for himself.”


You can see some images of Bruno Langley in make-up as he gets prepared for his hospital scenes. And watch a video interview with the actor beneath: