Coronation Street spoilers: the REAL Gavin Rodwell arrives and startles Steph – see the full scene

But what does Gavin's return from his travels mean for Andy?

The double life of Andy Carver is to be thrown into turmoil when the real Gavin Rodwell finally returns from his travels abroad.


“Andy has always known that this day would come, but he had hoped that he wouldn’t have to face up to it so soon” says Oliver Farnworth, who plays the duplicitous Andy. “Gavin literally just turns up out of the blue, so Andy has no control over the situation at all. He’s really unprepared.”

Scenes to be shown tonight will see Steph let herself into Andy’s flat, only to be confronted by the real Gavin, the man who her boyfriend has been masquerading as for months…

You can watch the scene below. And beneath that, there’s a 60-second rundown of all the coming week’s drama in Coronation Street.


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