Coronation Street spoilers: see Sally and Imran clash in court – watch the new scene

It doesn't go well for Sally at the pre-trial hearing


Sally Metcalfe and Imran Habeeb will trade verbal blows in court this Wednesday on Coronation Street, as the former mayor of Weatherfield is accused of intimidating a witness. As Sally blasts back that Imran is in no fit state to pass moral judgement seeing as he’s been sleeping with both his secretary Leanne and her sister Toyah, the entire pre-trial hearing threatens to descend into name calling and acrimony. Can the judge get proceedings back on track?


In the run-up to her stand-off with Imran, Sally will be seen dispensing of Paula’s services after catching her with Sophie. “It’s the worst possible timing but Sally’s convinced she’s innocent and doesn’t need Paula, who in her eyes doesn’t know what she’s doing anyway!” says actress Sally Dynevor. “Having decided to represent herself she tells Sophie there’s no point in her coming to court, she feels betrayed. Sally just wants to get through the day and believes it will be over by the evening.”


But little does Sally realise that she’ll soon be accused by Imran of harassing a witness. Says Dynevor: “Sally learns that a woman she worked with called Judith has given a statement saying she overheard a conversation where Sally and Duncan were talking about going away together.

“Sally thinks this is ridiculous as it never happened, and very innocently doesn’t see anything wrong in ringing Judith up and discussing it with her – not realising that’s not procedure. The call ends in an argument and of course Judith later tells her lawyers Sally was harassing her!”

So what will be the repercussions of Sally’s error? Find out when Coronation Street airs these episodes of Wednesday.


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