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Coronation Street spoilers: Owen's lies are exposed by ex-wife Linda, says Ian Puleston-Davies

Izzy and Katy's mother arrives in Weatherfield to set the record straight about why she hasn't been around for them

Published: Tuesday, 3rd February 2015 at 12:25 pm

Owen Armstrong's ex-wife Linda is to show up in Weatherfield next week, bringing with her a secret that could tear his family apart.


With Linda set to reveal the real reason to Izzy and Katy as to why she left all those years ago, it looks like Owen will have some explaining to do.

"Owen hasn't been quite as honest with Katy and Izzy about their mother as he should have been, so when Linda then turns up, his immediate thoughts are that she will want to tell the girls the entire truth and that they'll think he's been lying to them all this time," says actor Ian Puleston-Davies. "Owen knows that things are about to blow up. The past has caught up with them all and I think he's very scared that it's all about to blow up at any minute."

So why has Linda decided to return now after so much time has gone by? "I think Linda has tried many times to get back in touch with the girls, but Owen will have made it very clear to her that she's not welcome and that she should leave them alone," continues the actor. "I imagine he's made it very difficult for Linda to get in touch over the years."

Owen will, of course, be desperate to keep the truth hushed up, but it looks like Linda will stick to her guns and set the record straight. "Owen has always told Izzy and Katy that Linda couldn't cope with family life and struggled a lot with the children and that's why she left them.

"But Linda feels likes she has missed out on her girls growing up for long enough and wants to find them and rekindle their relationship. It was only a matter of time before she'd want to find them and give her side of the story."


You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week's episodes of Coronation Street below.


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