Coronation Street spoilers: next week’s episodes in 60 seconds

9-13 February: Faye discovers that she's pregnant, while Owen's ex-wife Linda shows up on his doorstep

Faye gets some life-changing news next week when she discovers that she’s pregnant. And although Craig promises to stand by his friend, Faye is petrified that Anna will disown her if she discovers the truth.


Owen gets a shock when ex-wife Linda shows up on his doorstep. And it’s not long before she’s accusing Owen of lying to the girls and letting them believe she didn’t want anything to do with them. Knowing she’s right, Owen conceals his guilt. But is Linda about to blow his family apart?

Steve struggles to adjust to normality and, following a shift at Streetcars, he admits to Michelle how hard the day has been. Michelle’s sympathetic, realising Steve faces a long road to recovery.

And as Dev enthuses about a trip to Mumbai and how he’s looking forward to the charity work, Julie begs him not to go, admitting she’ll miss him terribly. Will Dev agree to cancel his trip? And how will Julie feel when Dev asks Mary if she’ll step in and look after the children whilst he’s away?


You can watch your 60-second rundown of all next week’s drama on Coronation Street below: