Coronation Street spoilers – next week’s episodes: Bethany’s back, Katy exits and Gail tells lies

16-20 March: Get your 60-second rundown of all the upcoming drama

Sarah Louise’s daughter Bethany arrives from Milan and within seconds of rocking up in Weatherfield, she’s cheekily persuaded Andy to buy her a drink at the Rovers. But when Gail spots her in the pub, she’s quick to point out that Bethany is only 14 before dragging her home. Bethany explains how Sarah’s too busy with work to care about her so she thought she’d visit her Gran. Gail’s touched…until she speaks to Sarah and gets a very different story. What is Bethany’s game?


Chesney makes a heartbreaking decision when he tells Katy that she and Joseph can move to Portugal with his blessing. Sinead begs Chesney to reconsider, pointing out that Joseph should be with his Dad and not hundreds of miles away but Chesney’s resolute. Can the situation be resolved before Katy exits Weatherfield for good?

Aware she’s caused a rift between Billy and Sean, Emily resolves to try and put things right. In the end, she dupes Billy and Sean into meeting in the Rovers. But will they sort out their differences?

And Gail is ensnared in a web of lies and deceit when she spots Gavin’s obituary in the newspaper. Despite quickly throwing it in the bin in order to leave Michael oblivious, Gail is thrown a further curveball when Michael’s Aunty Barbara calls at No 8 to break the news of Gavin’s death. When Barbara reveals that Gavin actually died of a heart attack, Gail’s shocked. Desperate to get Barbara out of the house, Gail hustles her out. But she freezes as she sees Michael approaching…

You can watch the 60-second rundown of all next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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