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5 Coronation Street spoilers for next week: Asha in nightmare revenge twist and Leanne discovers the truth

Plus, Gemma gets the help she needs

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Published: Saturday, 11th April 2020 at 6:00 am

Coronation Street fans are about to get a whole lot of drama in the coming week, as Amy Barlow's party takes a disastrous turn for poor Asha Alahan.


As the twin comes to terms with what's happening, relationships are put under strain across the road with Leanne and Steve when she discovers the truth behind little Oliver's trip to hospital.

And if that's not enough, Ken wages war on Charles, but will he get his revenge?

Here's your spoilers for Monday 13th April to Friday 17th April...

Asha finds herself in a world of trouble

Coronation Street Asha
Coronation Street's Asha

Poor Asha has never really gotten over her love with Corey and Kelly encourages her to get back with him. However, Amy has other plans and insists Asha shouldn't go anywhere near him. Trouble-maker Kelly works out Amy could have a thing for Corey and sets out a plan for the latter to invite the lad round for pizza and a catch-up. Kelly tells Asha it's clear Amy has the hots for him and when Corey makes a harrowing request of Asha, she complies.

But when Amy throws a party for just Asha, Aadi, Kelly, Corey and Summer, word gets out and the flat is overrun with gate-crashers. Asha confides in Amy what she did for Corey, and it isn't long before her naked pictures end up online after one of the party goers gets disgruntled. As Asha comes to terms with what's happened, she's absolutely devastated - but that's not the end of her woes as Dev finds her and Aadi, who is clearly drunk, and drags them home. Poor Asha will have a big battle on her hands over the coming weeks.

Steve and Leanne clash

Coronation Street Leanne
Coronation Street's Leanne

Following little Oliver's rush to hospital, Steve and Leanne face a difficult conversation. Oliver is fine, but has to go to A&E as a precaution but when Leanne hears Steve left their son with Summer, she hits the roof. Steve heads to speak to Imran about getting legal advice about his rights of access to Oliver, but given Imran's connection to Toyah, he offers Steve an alternative solicitor's card. However, Steve drops the card of out his pocket and when Leanne finds he was speaking to a solicitor, their relationship has never been worse. Can they find the right balance for Oliver?

Ken and Charles clash - literally

Coronation Street Ken
Coronation Street's Ken

Ken is desperate to overthrow tyranical Charles and along with Claudia, decides to throw the residents of Stillwaters a bash. They're devastated to see no one arrive, and when they go on a wander, see everyone drinking with Charles. In a wild twist, Ken challenges Charles to a fencing match to end this once and for all. While the tense battle takes place, Norris makes a shocking discovery which may rid Stillwaters of Charles once and for all...

Gemma gets the help she needs

Coronation Street Gemma
Coronation Street's Gemma

It's been a tough time for Gemma on Coronation Street. She has been struggling to cope with the pressure of having four babies, and while she loves them dearly, they are taking a toll on her mental health. Gemma speaks to Dr Gaddas in depth about her worries and the professional reveals she has postnatal depression. When she heads home, Gemma finally opens up to Chesney about her diagnosis and he is of course on hand to reassure her. A touching gesture from Bernie shows Gemma just how loved she is.

Johnny gets a shock from a newcomer

Coronation Street Scott
Coronation Street newcomer Scott

Jenny and Johnny finally get some good news when a businessman called Scott announces he wants to move into the Rovers' room on a long-let. But when the newcomer arrives, Johnny gets a blast from the past. He keeps his concerns to himself, but sees this as a good time to go and visit Eva in France. But when Jenny refuses, will Johnny have some explaining to do?

Elsewhere on Coronation Street...

  • Ed and Aggie are furious to hear the noise coming from Amy's party when they try to have a quiet night in.
  • Evelyn heads out for another date with Arthur in the Rovers and is shocked to hear some more about his colourful past...

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