Coronation Street spoilers: Michael Rodwell’s son Gavin revealed to be an impostor

A twist in tonight's closing scene showed that the man calling himself Gavin is not who he claims to be

We’ve had the sneaking suspicion all week that something dodgy was going on with newcomer Gavin Rodwell (Oliver Farnworth). And now it’s been revealed that the man claiming to be Michael’s (Les Dennis) long-lost son isn’t really Gavin Rodwell at all!


Scenes just broadcast on ITV saw Michael expressing his joy at having his boy back in his life, only for ‘Gavin’ to then be seen making a call on his mobile phone:

“I know he’s not there. I understand. But it’s really important that I leave a message for him,” he said nervously. “And you will give it to him the minute he gets in touch, yeah? It’s for Gavin Rodwell. Tell him it’s urgent and it concerns his father.”

The man calling himself Gavin has spent his short time in Weatherfield ingratiating himself at the Platt house and discovering the financial situation of all members of the family. While viewers may have suspected that he was out to make a quick buck, it wasn’t revealed before tonight’s Corrie double bill that ‘Gavin’ was an impostor.

The decision to contact the real Gavin came after Michael disclosed that was suffering with an hereditary heart condition. Oliver Farnworth’s character put in the surprise call just before the credits rolled, but perhaps we should have been alerted to his duplicity by Gail’s declaration that Gavin is “a good lad”. After all, she is such a woeful judge of character when it comes to men…


You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below: