Gail McIntyre’s (Helen Worth) upcoming wedding to Michael Rodwell (Les Dennis) is to be thrown into doubt when she faces a race against the clock to get to the register office on time.


Gail’s dream wedding will turn into a nightmare during scenes to be shown on Monday 9 March when the real Gavin Rodwell turns up on her doorstep demanding money.

With a passport and driving licence that proves his identity, Gail is left reeling, especially when Gavin threatens to tell Michael the truth. Gail implores him not to, knowing that the shock could kill her husband-to-be.

In the end, Gavin tells Gail that he’ll keep quiet in return for £2500. Will a horrified Gail agree? And will the shock confrontation result in Gail missing her own nuptials? Les Dennis tells us more about the drama at the register office...

So how is Michael feeling on the morning of his wedding?
He's really excited. He can’t believe they’ve managed to get this far. From burgling her house to making Gail a Mrs Rodwell - he honestly can’t believe how it’s turned out. But he's also a little bit worried that fake ‘Gavin’ - or Gandy as we call him! - is very tense and not quite himself - so he's keeping one eye on him as well.

He also unwittingly has an encounter with the real Gavin - what can you tell us about that?
Yes, he's seen the real Gavin a couple of times, but he doesn’t know who he is. Michael just thinks he’s “Gandy’s” mate, but the guy comes across very rude and never says hello to Michael. So Michael wonders why Gandy is hanging around with a guy like that.

Then, on the morning of the wedding, the real Gavin walks over to Michael and tells him that his son doesn’t love him - he’s clearly talking about himself, but obviously Michael thinks he’s referring to Gandy. Michael doesn’t know why this stranger is saying this to him, so Michael just says that everyone deserves a second chance and thinks he’s referring to the fact that he’d been absent from his son’s life for so long. It puts Michael in a really embarrassing position.

And how does he feel when he's at the register office waiting for Gail to arrive?
Michael can’t shut up and he’s babbling away telling people about previous weddings he’s been to. And obviously Gandy is feeling very uncomfortable as the real Gavin has been on the scene and he’s worried that he’ll blow the secret. Michael comments that he looks even more nervous than he does and it’s his wedding day! So he tries to make a joke about it and he is aware that something isn’t quite right, but he doesn’t put two and two together.

Does Michael worry that Gail might not show up?
Not at first, because they both want to marry each other. He’s laughing and joking with the wedding party and he’s generally just really excited for the day ahead. Then he starts to get anxious as the time goes on and Gail is late…He asks the registrar how long they’ve got and they learn that time is tight. He then becomes very very anxious and starts to worry that suddenly the best day of his life actually might now be the worst if Gail doesn’t turn up soon!

So is he angry when she turns up late?
He’s absolutely furious! He’s so mad. And so, so hurt. He thinks the worst - he thinks she’s jilted him and that Gail didn’t turn up on time because she was having second thoughts. We’ve always seen Michael be lovely and kind -we’ve never really seen him angry. But this time, we will really see him absolutely furious. So this will be a different side to him. He’s like the worm that turned!

What's her excuse for turning up late?
Well, when we were doing this scene we couldn’t stop laughing. It’s Audrey who comes to tell Michael that Gail is late because she has a "dicky tummy". We couldn’t stop laughing at that when we were filming it. Whenever dicky tummy came up we just all burst into laughter. Michael refuses to believe it though and tells Audrey that there’s no such thing as a "dicky tummy".

Will this be enough for him to call the whole thing off?
I think his gut reaction is to be very angry and to walk away from the wedding party. And his reaction will certainly worry Gail. I think he will be able to come round though, once he’s calmed down.

How do you think he' feel if he knew the truth about Gavin?
Well, it can’t stay a secret forever. I imagine Michael is going to be massively hurt. It’s such a huge deal and such an incredible secret to keep from him - and to let him believe all this time that a perfect stranger is his son! On Michael’s behalf, I’m upset for him.

Would he be able to forgive Gail for lying to him?
I think it would put their relationship in huge jeopardy if he found out she knew and had kept it from him. It would be very difficult for him to get past that. And his relationship with Andy, too, would suddenly become a big question to Michael - suddenly he’s no relative to him at all and he’s deceived Michael for so long, allowing him to believe that they are father and son. He’s played the loving son and I think Michael will be gutted and upset with everyone involved.

Do you think he'd understand that Gail was trying to protect him because of his health?
He might be able to understand, eventually, that she did it for the best reasons. But because it’s such a monumental lie, I think that in itself would put his health into an even worse condition. As the poem goes, Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive...

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