Coronation Street spoilers: is Michael’s son Gavin up to no good?

"Gavin feels hard done by and that he's owed something," reveals actor Oliver Farnworth

Michael Rodwell’s long-lost son Gavin may not be all he seems. Suspicions will be aroused next week when newcomer Gavin starts to take a keen interest in the fact that both Audrey and Gail seem to have a bit of money in the bank. So what are Gavin’s real reasons for ingratiating himself on the residents of Coronation Street? And does he feel he’s owed something from the dad who hasn’t been in his life for so long? Actor Oliver Farnworth tells us more:


So, tell us what Gavin does after he receives the letter from Michael?
He’s in two minds really because it’s been 20 odd years since they’ve seen each other. So he’s got to the point where he’s never known or ever had this father figure in his life. So, there must be a bit of anger there, as well as confusion and frustration. But, ultimately, he’s intrigued and that’s what spurs him into sorting this meeting out and going to meet Michael.

And what are his first impressions of his dad?
He warms to him quite quickly and there’s a scene in the Bistro where it’s quite emotional for both of them. There is some ice there, but fortunately Gail is there to spur the conversation on. So they do relax a bit, have a beer and see each other for who they are.

What kind of person would you say Gavin is?
He takes the world as it comes, he’s ambitious in certain ways but he lives a fairly simple life and if things happen they happen. I think that’s the mantra he lives by.

Is he quite a lonely soul?
Yeah, he is quite easygoing, but his friends come and go. He probably has a couple of close friends that have been there for a long time but if he didn’t see someone for a couple of years he could probably pick it up from where they left off. He can be a quite solitary individual”.

How does Gavin react when he hears about the way Michael and Gail met when he tried to burgle her?
He’s shocked but also quite amused by it. He’s kind of summed up Michael and seen him as bit of a soft touch. So he’s intrigued when he finds this out. Perhaps if it was a violent crime he might be a bit worried by it, but I guess he sees it as a bit of a joke really that they are together.

We see Gavin getting interested when he hears about Audrey’s finances and the fact that Gail has sold her house – is there a dodgy side to Gavin?
Well, we know from early on that he’s in financial difficulties. He has bills mounting up, he’s unemployed and there’s a scene where he’s eating beans out of pan because he just doesn’t have any cash. Going back to that child in him, perhaps he feels a bit hard done by and that he is actually owed something. As ugly as that is, subconsciously that’s what he is feeling.

Do you know why Gavin has financial problems?
He’s just gone from job to job. He is a barman by trade and he is probably very good when he applies himself, but I feel like he would happily stay for a few drinks after work, then end up staying out all night and possibly end up late for his next shift, forget his uniform et cetera.

What happens to make Gavin miss his appointment as the hair salon?
It’s fear. He feels he’s got in a bit too deep too soon. He’s had a day where he has been fishing with Michael, had fish and chips then a few beers in the Rovers. He has a free hair appointment lined up for the next day and met all these nice people. He had probably that evening intended to go to his hair appointment, but by the morning he’s woken up almost in a cold sweat thinking he can’t do this.

He’s getting involved with this family and doesn’t particularly know them. Instead of doing the right thing of calling and explaining, he just buries his head in the sand until Michael rings him to ask where he is.

It’s clear that Gavin had lied about a few things, one of which is being a cocktail waiter. Does that make things awkward at the Bistro?
He is quite good at blagging it a little, which makes things quite funny at the Bistro. He would know the basics, but there is a cocktail menu that he has a crafty look at. Making margaritas is what he has to do on his first day but he’s churning them out so quickly that he doesn’t have time to measure them. The customers are getting their money’s worth but I don’t think there would be a big profit margin that evening.

Is it fair to say he is keen on Steph right away and that they have a connection from the start?
Yeah, they do. But again, there’s a wariness that he’s in too deep too soon. His life has just changed really quickly. To then take on board a possible attraction to one of the women he works with is almost too much for him to comprehend, but there is an initial spark, definitely. There is trepidation on his part because it’s just something else to get tangled up in at this stage.

When Michael collapses what is Gavin’s reaction, as he doesn’t know of Michael’s heart condition yet?
It’s just complete shock. Initially, the weight of the situation could be passing through his mind, questioning if it’s his fault because they have rushed and bonded so quickly from not really knowing each other at all. Has it been too much stress and strain on Michael?


You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below: