Coronation Street spoilers: Debbie Rush on Faye’s labour, Owen’s exit and Anna’s devastation

The Corrie actress reveals what happens to the Windass family as Faye adjusts to motherhood next month

Faye Windass’s pregnancy secret will be exposed in the coming weeks when the young mum to be goes into labour. Anna will be seen rushing to be by her daughter’s side, her shock all too apparent. But how will Faye and Anna adjust to having a newborn in the house? And will Owen stay by their side in the wake of the baby bombshell? Actress Debbie Rush – who plays the beleaguered Anna – tells us more:


So how does Anna feel when she finds out that Faye is pregnant?
Well, she doesn’t find out until Faye is actually giving birth. So the whole thing is a massive shock. And Anna will feel like she’s failed Faye – you’ll definitely see the repercussions of that.

How is Anna going to react?
Her relationship with Faye will change – even though is a little girl, she’s now also a little mum as well. Anna will be very supportive but she’ll also be at the end of her tether. We’ll see a lot of difficulty for Anna. But there’ll be no time to adjust or be mad about it – the baby’s just going to arrive and there’s nothing they can do about it.

Will Anna have any common ground with Gail – after all, she went though a similar experience with Sarah Louise?
I’d like to think so. And I think what we really have to get across to the viewers is how tough the experience is going to be. From the scripts I’m reading, it’s not glamorised at all. There’s going to be a big fallout for the whole family and I’m sure that’s what would genuinely happen in the real world.

How would you have felt in Anna’s shoes?
I’d have been absolutely devastated. Especially the worry about the things your child will be missing out on and all the things they’ve got to continue with. GCSES, for example. We’re trying to talk about all that on the show.

Does Faye want to keep the baby?
Well, it’s a real mixed bag of emotions to begin with. She doesn’t know what’s hit her.

Is Anna upset that Faye never told her?
When Anna first sees Faye, it’s all panic stations. Faye’s just about to give birth and all she can say is, “I’m sorry, mum”. She’s terrified that she’s going to be sent back because she’s adopted. We’ve played so many scenes over the years when Anna tells Faye that she’s now her little girl. But you’ll see Faye feeling vulnerable and thinking that there’s a chance Anna will give her up.

Does Anna want to know who the father is?
She immediately wants to know. And, obviously, all fingers in the Windass household are going to point at Craig. Craig then tells Anna that it’s someone from school. But she’ll be concerned that it’s something that’s happened against her will.

What name does Faye give to the baby?
Well, she has a little girl, who she calls Miley. But Faye doesn’t choose the name for a while because she’s in denial. But Anna, being the type of mother she is, desperately wants Faye to bond with the baby.

How did you help Ellie Leach prepare for the role?
She listens to absolutely everything. She’s like a little sponge. Her mum and her chaperone are both great – we’ve all just chatted as we’ve gone along and taken each step as it’s come. But she’s been amazing. She really has.

What can you tell us about Owen’s exit – are you sad to lose Ian Puleston-Davies?
I’m absolutely gutted. We were worried about Owen’s exit because it comes so soon after the birth. But the writers have done really well there. It’s absolutely heartbreaking. It’s all tied in to Linda and Owen’s reaction to the birth. I think it might have been coming for a while. He and Anna have had so much to get through.

Is Faye’s pregnancy story an important one to tell?
I think we tell brilliant stories on Coronation Street. When we do these stories that really do happen to people out there, I think the writers do it very well. And I’m hoping Faye’s story will help people. It’s tough for those girls who get pregnant and it’s tough for their families too. They’ll certainly be people out there who’ll recognise this scenario.

And do you think Anna will ever be happy?
Well, misfortune makes for better telly, doesn’t it? I don’t think we’ll ever see Anna with a happy head. She never has it easy!

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