Coronation Street spoilers: Alya to end her relationship with Gary?

Actress Sair Khan on what happens when Kal catches the two illicit lovers together

Actress Sair Khan has been talking about the scenes in next week’s Coronation Street when her screen dad Kal (Jimi Mistry) catches Alya with Gary.


“Kal is absolutely fuming. It’s not the way Alya wanted him to find out and it’s certainly not the way he’d have wanted to find out either,” says Khan. “Kal has to see Gary with his top off and Alya’s his little girl – he doesn’t want to see all that. It happens so quickly – Kal is pent up and he’s acting on impulse when he suddenly hits Gary. He sees his young daughter and his old mate from the army and he can’t stand it. He obviously doesn’t think at that point that they might actually be falling in love.”

Scenes to be shown on Friday 12 December will see Gary and Alya caught red handed after they sneak into No 6 to share a candlelit supper. But just as things get steamy, Yasmeen and Kal arrive and end up confronting the shocked pair. Unable to contain his fury, Kal lashes out and punches Gary before dragging Gary out into the street.

In the aftermath, Kal then tries to ban Alya from seeing Gary, but will she end up obeying her father? “Alya tries to convince her family of how happy she and Gary are together. But none of them are having any of it, which makes Alya realise how much she’s hurt them all,” continues Khan. “As much as she wants to be with Gary, she is broken down by her family and she does start to surrender to them.”

Yet despite this setback, the actress does believe that Alya and Gary are built to last. “When they first met, they had initial chemistry that needed to be explored. They’ve had intermittent opportunities to do that so they’re still getting to know each other because it’s been so on and off. After her family tell her she needs to end it, we can expect to see things happen around Christmas that will change that all over again and the dynamics of their relationship will change again.”


You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below: