Coronation Street shooting drama – is Jan Lozinski dead?

More heartache for unlucky Eileen as her lover is gunned down

coronation street eileen grimshaw jan lozinski

Coronation Street‘s human trafficking storyline took a potentially deadly twist on Friday 30th August when Jan Lozinski (Piotr Baumann) was shot as he tried to sneak off to start a new life in witness protection. Has the builder boyfriend of Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver) paid the ultimate price for being a brave police informant and helping to destroy the slavery network?


Pulling the trigger from the shadows as Jan said his goodbyes to Eileen was sinister salon owner Rachel Healy, a key figure in the shady people trafficking ring that was busted by Seb Franklin when he grew close to Alina Pop who had been a victim of the criminal gang.

The first part of a double bill of episodes ended on the cliffhanger of the gun going off, but fans fearing the bearded hero has been killed off can breathe a sigh of relief as Corrie has already confirmed he survives the attempt on his life.

Exactly how the scary situation is resolved unfolds in the second instalment at 8.30pm, but looking ahead to episodes airing on Monday 2nd September Jan will be seen recovering in hospital as Eileen debates whether or not her future lies with him away from Weatherfield following the violent encounter with vengeful Rachel.

coronation street jan lozinski

Her friends, including Seb and Sean Tully, are concerned the queen of the Streetcars cab office is making a big mistake, but can they convince her to change her mind?

On Wednesday 4th September Sean pays a visit to injured Jan and tells him if he really loves Eileen and doesn’t want to put her in danger, then he should let her go. Eileen herself has no idea about the intervention, but does she realise the danger she’s putting herself in if she sticks with Jan? Could she be the next to take a bullet in a truck stop?


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