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Shona betrays David in Coronation Street - but Jack P Shepherd still hopes they can get remarried

"David was wearing prison clothes in the last one!"

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Published: Monday, 22nd June 2020 at 7:55 pm

As if their marriage wasn't in enough trouble, Shona Platt (Julia Goulding) has further jeopardised a reunion with husband David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) who caught her trying to kiss another man.


The popular Coronation Street couple's crisis began with Shona's amnesia, caused by the coma she slipped into after being shot. When she woke up she had lost years of memories, with no recollection of ever meeting David let alone being married to him and being a step-mum to his kids.

Trying to make tentative steps to reconnect with her old life, confused Shona is out of rehab and has returned to Weatherfield but is staying with ex-boss Roy Cropper, having been overwhelmed by being back in the Platt house.

Disinterested in David as he tried to fill in the blanks, Shona instead took quite a shine to her handsome, kindly care worker Aaron. While the pair discussed plans for her recovery, Shona impulsively leaned in to kiss a stunned Aaron - just as a jealous David entered the flat…

It's clearly a misunderstanding which appears to resolve itself later in the week, and by Friday 26th June, Shona has invited David for a meal at the flat, having heard from most of the street how loved up they once were.

But in her volatile, unpredictable state, Shona suddenly throws herself at her husband and suggests they have sex!

coronation street David platt

David is desperate for his marriage to get back on track, but Shepherd recognises the circumstances are far from ideal. "Although it's his wife making advances, David's reaction is to say no and wait for her to be ready. He's trying to be respectful.

"Shona wanted a divorce not long ago but her being back on the street encourages him and gives him hope for their future. Ultimately I don't think the relationship will be the same now - they will have to fall in love with each other all over again."

Fans are keeping their fingers crossed they can get back to where they were, or that Shona finds a a miracle cure for her memory loss. Shepherd, meanwhile, is canvassing for a second wedding as the first one, in late 2019, was something of a rush job.

"No one wants to get married in the Bistro, and David was wearing prison clothes as he'd just been released after months behind bars! I'd like to have the next wedding in a big cathedral!"


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