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Sharon made a shocking move on Coronation Street tonight - will Rita realise what she is up to?

While Leanne had her moment in court!

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Published: Wednesday, 23rd June 2021 at 10:00 pm

It was a dramatic evening in Coronation Street tonight as Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) took to the stand in court to speak out against drug lord Harvey (Will Mellor) - but there was a last-minute sting in the tale when it came to Sharon Bentley (Tracie Bennett) and her apparent change of allegiances.


For Leanne though, seeing her take the stand and standing up to Harvey has been a long time coming and she showed the type of character that we knew she had when she did it - telling the court everything that happened and doing so with a glaring Harvey right in front of her.

And she did not miss a single detail and gave the damning evidence that he had threatened to have her killed if she turned up at the court as well as listing every other single thing that she knows he has done since she got caught up with him.

coronation street leanne battersby

Also taking to the stand was Sharon, Harvey's accomplice for some time, and she appeared to show that she truly has turned over a new leaf when she too spoke up against him - further proving to Rita Sullivan (Barbara Knox) that she was finally willing to make a fresh start - or so it seemed.

Rita was delighted at Sharon's actions after all the trouble she has been in of late but it soon became apparent to viewers that, while Sharon did do the right thing about Harvey, there was a sinister ulterior motive for it which proves she is just as villainous as ever.

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With the £10,000 she could get from Rita on her mind, she secretly headed out for a meeting with another drug dealer who could well rise up to take Harvey's place while he is behind bars.

But her motives are far more than just getting her hand on some drugs and she makes it clear that she is intent on becoming the new drug kingpin of Weatherfield and to get started, she says she knows just where they can get their hands on a ton of money.

Will Rita realise that Sharon is set on a criminal life, or will she hand over the money and never see Sharon again? Either way, we suspect it will not be too long before somebody rumbles what Sharon is doing - and we suspect that Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) may once again prove to be a thorn in her nemesis's side as she certainly made her feelings known to Rita...


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