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Coronation Street: see Carla get the factory back from Alya - watch the brand-new scene

Carla is in charge once again at Underworld

Published: Monday, 13th August 2018 at 10:32 am

Is Carla about to get her feet back behind the desk at Underworld? It's certainly looking that way in this new Coronation Street clip that sees Alya make a big decision about the future of the factory. Tonight's double bill sees Alya approach Carla and hand her Aidan's DVD, explaining that she now realises the importance of family and is willing to sell her the business for the value of Aidan's original stake.


The trouble is that Carla is soon confiding in Johnny and Michelle that she's struggling to raise the cash for the deal - enter Peter with the last-minute offer of financial investment. But is Carla playing with fire by taking money from her one-time husband?

Says Alison King of this week's drama: "Carla is angry with Peter for trying to be her saviour and thinks she’ll just roll over. But she protests too much really, it’s like in the playground when you hit the boy because you really like him, that’s how she is with Peter.

"Carla will want to try and keep it above board, but she is a swan on the surface with her feet going like crazy underneath. She knows going into business with Peter is not ideal and would be disastrous, but she needs him and she hates the fact that she does."

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