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Coronation Street's Seb talks future of Nina romance: "She's definitely the one!"

Harry Visinoni reckons his character has found true love with the goth waitress.

coronation street seb franklin
Published: Tuesday, 13th April 2021 at 9:08 am

It may be early days for Coronation Street couple Seb Franklin (Harry Visinoni) and Nina Lucas (Mollie Gallagher), but things are getting pretty serious pretty fast for the young lovers as they discuss moving in together next week - and even the cast reckon they're the perfect match.


"They are immediately smitten with each other," Visinoni tells and other press, discussing the dynamics of his character Seb's unlikely romance with the gobby goth waitress. "It came out of nowhere but was one of those instant spark kind of things, when you meet someone and you click on every level."

On the face of it, laidback layabout Seb and whip-smart, no-nonsense Nina are an unusual match, which Visinoni thinks adds to the fun of the relationship. After all, opposites attract…

"Seb and Nina counter-balance each other. Nina obviously feels like she's on the fringes of society being part of the gothic subculture. Seb feels like he's never fitted in anywhere, they have that in common.

"They both have a similar cynical outlook on life and make each other laugh, they can be quite sarcastic! I see them as the kind of couple who could just stay up all night talking about anything. There's great banter."

Despite how loved-up the pair are there's a hurdle to overcome next week, when Nina overhears her boyfriend laughing along when his workmates' Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) and Ed Bailey (Trevor Michael Georges) tease her goth image. Seb is unaware she's listening in until an upset Ms Lucas later puts him in the picture and berates him for mocking her. Defending his alter ego, Visinoni insists it's all a misunderstanding.

coronation street nina lucas

"He's not laughing at what Paul says, it's the way he says it," he explains. "Seb knows is going to get ripped at work for having a girlfriend, no matter who it is. Hopefully it's clear Seb cracks up at Paul's delivery, not the substance of what he says. Nina gets the wrong end of the stick, but at the same time he sees her point as to how was potentially offensive.

"Seb has a massive intention to understand who Nina is and her identity, and feels bad it's been undermined by her witnessing this. I hope they can overcome it, they're still trying to understand each other."

Part of that understanding also sees Seb get a full goth makeover in an attempt to show solidarity with his girlfriend and fit in with her friends. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite have that effect…

"He doesn't like it!" laughs Visinoni. "It embarrasses him. I actually felt way more comfortable than Seb! It's just not the way he feels he can express himself. Seb questions his identity and who he needs to be, so it's essentially a journey for him to discover himself. In the past he's been largely defined by other people, he's had to focus on looking after his siblings, his addict mum, then trying to save Alina from people trafficking. Being with Nina is a process of him discovering who he is, he starts to appreciate himself because of how much she loves him."

coronation street nina lucas seb franklin

In the past Seb has been notoriously unlucky in love - the aforementioned Alina Pop (Ruxandra Porojnicu), along with Faye Windass (Ellie Leach) are two of his failed romances, and Nina is newly single after an intense relationship with Asha Alahan (Tanisha Gorey), which fans really got behind despite the fact it burnt brightly but briefly. Visinoni is confident the audience will be rooting for Seb and Nina, with early feedback being positive.

"I hope we build up a fanbase like Nina and Asha had. I've been told it's going down well so far. Seb is happier than we've ever seen him, hopefully people will relate to that rather seeing him as this nervy, anxious, erratic character. I want the audience to enjoy the purity and honesty of the relationship. There are some sweet, natural, beautifully written scenes."

As Nina excitedly confides in uncle Roy Cropper (David Neilson) she's falling for the long-haired labourer, she and Seb look set for a bright future together and Visinoni refutes the suggestion it might be moving a tad too fast…


"I don't think it is. Seb is bit of a romantic at heart, he can be reckless so wouldn't see it like that. At the end of the day Nina makes him happy and he feels good. I think they are right for each other, and she is definitely the one for him!"

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