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Coronation Street's Tina O'Brien: "Sarah is scared to tell Adam her darkest secret"

And she's not just talking about Gary Windass…

coronation street sarah barlow
Published: Monday, 10th August 2020 at 7:55 pm

Sarah Barlow (Tina O'Brien) knows Gary Windass (Mikey North) killed loan shark Rick Neelan to protect her and she's lying to the police and husband Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) to cover it up - but it's not just her ex's dark secret the Coronation Street favourite is protecting... she's got her own big skeleton rattling around in the closet.


In 2015 Sarah conspired with brother David Platt and sister-in-law Kylie Platt over the murder of bad boy Callum Logan, who Kylie killed in self-defence. The trio hid the body and framed Tony Stewart (now also dead) for the crime.

But Gary knows the whole gory story, which he's holding over his old flame to ensure she stays quiet about Rick. So why doesn't Sarah just come clean to suspicious hubby Adam about Callum?

"If she wants this marriage to work she needs to be more honest," O'Brien tells in an exclusive interview. "That's what I'd say if I was her friend, anyway. Sarah should tell Adam what happened with Callum and hope he understands why she kept it from him.

"She's scared to. It was a very bad time in her life and she feels vulnerable and doesn't want to revisit it. Maybe she's worried he'll look at her differently?"

Sarah was pregnant by cocky Callum when he died and eventually suffered a psychological breakdown after giving birth to their son Harry in 2016, as the burden of the secret took a huge toll.

coronation street sarah barlow adam barlow

"Sarah feels torn and a certain loyalty towards Gary for what he did for her, even though it was awful," continues O'Brien. "In a way she feels partly responsible, and Gary has kept her secret about Callum, which even Sarah's husband has no idea about. That's another reason she feels she can't confide in Adam, so she feels stuck."

Adam demands Sarah tell him the truth about Gary once for all, as she discovers she's still got the watch bearing the inscription from Rick's wife that was dug up in the woods. This leads to crunch time for the new Mrs Barlow as she must decide who is more important - her killer ex-boyfriend or her spouse who is fast losing his patience…

"It's not looking good for the marriage," sighs O'Brien, who is clearly clinging to the hope that the fractured union can be saved. "Sarah is so confused with everything that's going on and feels a bit lost, and also doesn't want to throw Gary under the bus as he's been through a lot and was protecting her. But she has something great with Adam and would be crazy to throw that away."


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