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Coronation Street's Sarah 'wishes she had never learned' Gary's killer secret

Sarah knows more than she would like.

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Published: Thursday, 6th August 2020 at 6:58 pm

There is a dark secret in Coronation Street that has stayed hidden for quite some time. But now Sarah Barlow (Tina O'Brien) knows that Gary Windass (Mikey North) killed Rick Neelan and buried his body in the woods, she has found herself torn between her husband, Adam (Sam Robertson) and Gary.


With Adam already gunning for Gary, Sarah now has to tread carefully to avoid losing her marriage. It's not surprising then that Tina O'Brien thinks that Sarah wishes she had never made the shocking discovery.

O'Brien has been chatting to and other press about how Sarah feels to be caught in the middle of such an explosive situation.

"I think she wishes she ever knew any of it, or even not followed her interest in the watch. She regrets knowing. She was happy with Adam, bringing up Harry, and this has thrown a grenade in and shaken it all up."

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"I understand why Adam thinks Sarah has feelings for Gary as she’s not been honest nor is she being open with him," says Tina of her characters awkward situation. "She has trust issues and she doesn’t want to open up, but she’s under no illusion that if she continues this then she’ll lose her husband. But what will she do – betray Gary or betray Adam? She has to take a risk whatever she does."

As for whether she thinks Sarah has a future with Adam, O'Brien said: "If it was just Sarah and Adam I think their relationship would work. But he is a Barlow. He has got the Barlow genes and would I stay? I don’t know. Without Gary on the scene, it had a really good chance. He has thrown a spanner in the works."

O'Brien also spoke about the recent world-first socially distanced stunt that the show aired: "Filming such an intense moment with social distancing was fine. I was concerned it would make it difficult. As a job, we have to get close to people and be tactile, and I’m so used to it, so it as bizarre. But it was fine, and Mikey is so good to work with. We got to film it all in order so it allowed us to get into a great flow, whereas without COVID we’d not have been able to, so it was a blessing in a way."


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