Former Mayor of Weatherfield Sally Metcalfe has been sent to prison on tonight's Coronation Street after having her bail revoked by the judge at her pre-trial hearing.


Wednesday's double bill of the ITV soap saw Sally decide to go it alone in court after sacking her solicitor Paula, who she'd just caught with her daughter Sophie.

But Sally's reckless decision to call one of the names on Imran's witness list got her into serious trouble when she ended up being accused of harassment.

After Sally hit back that Imran couldn't be trusted because he'd slept with both his secretary and her sister, the judge in the courtroom began to doubt whether she could be trusted should she remain at liberty.

A cliffhanger scene then saw Sally placed on remand and led away in a distraught state as Tim and Gina watched on in horror.


Friday's episodes of Coronation Street will now see a desperate Sally phone Sophie and ask her to reinstate Paula.

Meanwhile, a furious Tim is blaming Sophie for his wife being in prison and when he discovers that Imran threatened Sally over her exposing his affair with Toyah and Leanne and ends up taking matters into his own hands...

By the week's end, it's Gina who's left comforting Tim after he lashes out, reassuring him that he's done nothing wrong and was only standing up for his wife. But what exactly has Tim done? And will he and Gina continue to grow close as Sally remains behind bars?

Speaking recently about how she felt Sally would cope in prison, actress Sally Dynevor commented:

"Actually I’m really excited about seeing her out of her comfort zone and how that affects her. She will no doubt make some enemies and try to make a difference, Sally is never going to sit back and do nothing!

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"She will try and make something good come out of the worst possible scenario. I must say I’m loving this storyline, it’s different as it’s not a romance or an affair. It might be up there as one of my favourite things in all my time here!"


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