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Coronation Street: Robert is arrested after attacking Rich - here's what happens next

Will Robert and Michelle realise that Will is behind the vendetta?

Published: Friday, 8th September 2017 at 8:55 pm

Robert Preston has found himself under arrest in tonight's Coronation Street after coming to the aid of girlfriend Michelle Connor.


Unbeknownst to him, Robert is currently being undermined and manipulated by Michelle's ex-partner (and creepy stalker) Will Chatterton.

This evening's double bill saw Will plant stash at the Bistro and tip off the police, who then swooped on the upmarket eatery.

Thinking fast, Michelle put the pills in a curry, before leaping to the conclusion that Robert's old cohort Rich must have been responsible for planting the Class As.

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Tearing round to Rich's house, Michelle proceeded to have it out with the dealer in a fraught showdown. But when Robert intervened, Will again called the cops, who ended up taking him into custody.

Having only just been handed community service for sticking the boot into Rich (in the belief that he'd locked Michelle in a boot), Robert is now in serious trouble with the forces of law and order.

Next week's episodes of the ITV soap will see Michelle announce that she and Robert have ended their relationship - but there’ll be an ulterior motive behind their break-up.

 The upcoming drama sees the pair resort to subterfuge when Robert realises that Rich isn’t behind the vendetta that has been making his and Michelle’s lives a misery of late.

Robert then explains that someone else must be waging war against them, so perhaps they should pretend to split in order to keep Michelle safe.

And Robert has good reason to be suspicious, for at that very moment, Will – who we all know to be the real malevolent force – has let himself into Robert’s flat in order to flick through some photos of Michelle!

Later on, Michelle announces that she and Robert are no longer an item, news that leaves Will barely containing his glee.

But has Michelle done enough to flush out her stalker? And is Will now to set to show his true colours?

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