Coronation Street reveals pregnancy twist for Rana

Kate was left shocked and surprised by Rana's news

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Fans of Rana and Kate’s relationship on Coronation Street experienced a rollercoaster of emotions in tonight’s double bill thanks to a lie that threatened to split them up.


After being pressured by Luke to tell her husband Zeedan the truth, Rana was seen blurting out that the news that she was pregnant and that neither Zee nor Kat knew.

Despairing of the situation, Luke then told a devastated Kate that Rana had no intention of leaving Zeedan because she was expecting his baby.

At this point in the proceedings, it looked as though #Kana was over for good. But later on, a secret meeting in the ginnel between Rana and Kate shed new light on the situation.

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Just as Kate was about to vent her anger about what was going on, Rana explained that what she’d told Luke was a lie and that it was all she could think of saying to stop him from telling Zeedan about them.

With the pair reunited, it seems as though the illicit affair is back on, but it won’t be long before #Kana face their next test. Read more about that here….

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