Coronation Street villain Ray Crosby risks arrest as he turns on Abi

What does the ruthless businessman have up his sleeve this time?

ray coronation street

Villainous Ray Crosby (Mark Frost) is hell-bent on destroying life on Coronation Street for many a resident.


He has been tormenting Faye Windass (Ellie Leach) and after manipulating her to sleep with him, he later attempted to rape her as well.

Scenes during the soap’s 60th anniversary showed his plans to dig up the cobbles halted thanks to some brilliant protesting from the Weatherfield residents, but the story was far from over and scenes next week will show things get worse for him – with the police now getting involved.

Before that though, he has to deal with some serious money worries as he is given 24 hours to come up with the funds needed to save his skin. Putting out fires left, right and centre, Ray finds himself forced to pay people off to stay out of trouble, leaving him once again short on cash at a time when he needs it the most.

After Faye reports Ray to the police, hopes that he will be charged fade when it soon becomes clear that he has been quickly released. Wanting to make sure he does not get away with his crimes, Abi Franklin (Sally Carman) once again decides to take action.

debbie ray coronation street

Hiding in his hotel, she records a conversation he has with Chairperson, Susan, that proves that he has been bribing people. Abi wastes no time in playing her hand, telling Ray that if he does not admit to the assault on Faye that the recording will go public.

But things go very wrong when they next meet as Abi collapses and Ray swipes her phone. Debbie Webster (Sue Devaney) who has been in cahoots with Ray for some time, arrives and confronts him about what happened with Faye but instead sees Abi unconscious.

But Ray is in no mode for another confrontation and makes it clear that Debbie is to leave Abi to die. But is this a line that Debbie will be willing to cross?


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