Coronation Street: Rana drops pregnancy bombshell – where does this leave her and Kate?

Is it all over for #Kana?


Rana Nazir will reveal that she’s expecting husband Zeedan’s baby in next week’s Coronation Street – but where does this latest news leave her secret relationship with Kate Connor?


In the run-up to Rana dropping her bombshell, Kate will be seen telling her that she owes it to Zeedan to come clean about their affair.

But Rana is in turmoil, knowing how word of her clandestine relationship would devastate her family.


Later on, in the Rovers, Luke tears a strip of Rana, criticising her for her deception. Then comes the shock moment when Rana reveals that she’s pregnant, but that neither Zee nor Kate know. How will Luke react when Rana reveals that she plans on staying with Zeedan?

And what will a devastated Kate say when she finds out about Rana and Zee’s baby?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Coronation Street below


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