Coronation Street: Rana and Kate kiss! See the brand-new pictures

Tonight's episode sees Rana reveal her true feelings


Coronation Street has revealed brand-new images that show the moment Rana Nazir finally gives in to her feelings for Kate Connor and shocks her with a kiss.


For weeks, Kate has believed that Rana’s negative reaction to her relationship with Imogen was down to homophobia – an assumption that led to the pair falling out.

Kate has now made it up with Rana following her split from Imogen. For her part, Rana has been trying to hide her growing feelings for her mate by telling husband Zeedan that she wants to try for a baby.

But in tonight’s episode, a drunken Rana turns up out of the blue at Kate’s flat and stuns her friend by kissing her.
How will Kate react when she realises her married best friend is in love with her? Tune in tonight at 7.30 and 8.30pm to find out.

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