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Coronation Street producer hints that Jim McDonald returns with muscle wasting disease

"From Jim's point of view, he's been rotting in prison and no one cares," says producer Kate Oates

Published: Friday, 4th May 2018 at 12:01 am

Jim McDonald will return to Coronation Street on belligerent form, according to show boss Kate Oates. Speaking to, Oates revealed that the Weatherfield hard man will be full of resentment towards his family when he makes his comeback later this year:


"We have some amazing stuff with Jim McDonald. He's going to be coming back with a lot of resentment because of what Steve did. From Jim's point of view, he's been rotting in prison and no one cares.

"We also played a story 18 months where it seemed like Steve might have inherited a genetic disease from his dad, but no one went to see Jim to ask if he was OK. We have a great story to play with that."

As long-time viewers will recall, Steve received a call in 2016 from dad Jim, who told him that he could have myotonic dystrophy, an inherited condition that affects the muscles and causes them to waste away. At the time, Steve was fretting that the disease could be passed down to his unborn son. But although he received the medical all-clear, viewers have had no word on Jim's current prognosis.


A spokesperson revealed last week that actor Charles Lawson would be back on set later in 2018: “Jim is such a hugely popular character. We’re delighted he is coming back for what will be a typically explosive Jim storyline.”

The character of Jim has been banged up in "the big house" (or "prison" to you and me) since 2011 after being jailed following a botched armed robbery. But the upcoming drama will see him have a not-so-happy family reunion with the likes of ex-wife Liz and son Steve.

Speaking to the Mirror, Lawson himself added: “They wanted me back full time this year, but I couldn’t do it as I am doing Rebus on stage and a thriller. I’m going to film a bit, but then will be back again next year.”


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