Coronation Street’s Gary Windass will discover next week that Nicola Rubinstein is expecting his baby.


Despite being initially reluctant to tell him the truth, Nicola will reveal her news to Gary after he, Sarah and Harry return from their trip to Milan.

The trouble is that David – himself no stranger to suspicious behaviour – clocks their heated exchange and soon tackles Gary about what is going on.

Gary is forced to admit that he did kiss Nicola once and manages to convince David to keep quiet about his ‘flirtation’.


But will Gary manage to keep his secret? And how will Nicola react when Gary asks whether she’s keeping the baby? Here’s actress Nicola Thorp with all the latest on her character’s pregnancy drama:

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What’s Nicola’s first reaction when Gary confronts her about the pregnancy?
Nicola completely denies it at first and tells him the dates don’t work and that it must have been her ex boyfriend, Scott’s baby. She’s so worried because it was a one-night stand and she recognises what Gary and Sarah have is something really special. She doesn’t want to get in the way or cause harm to their relationship, so she throws him off the scent.

Does Nicola have a soft spot for Gary or was it just one night?
Yes, Nicola does have feelings for him but Gary made his really clear. Probably the reason why she doesn’t tell Gary that it’s his in the first place is because she cares about him. He opened up to her about his PTSD and his job in Ukraine - she is really attracted to bad lads, but she sees him finally getting his life together and she doesn’t want to ruin that for him. Secretly, or maybe it’s quite obvious to the audience, she has feelings for him because he’s such a strong, caring and protective person. And she’s not had that in her life recently.


How does the first conversation go between Nicola and Gary?
Gary says that he’s relieved, understandably. There’s a little bit of sadness from Nicola that he reacted like that because the way he comes to find her – by working out her address – is quite romantic. She thinks he might have come over to see her again romantically. But when he says he’s relieved, Nicola has to put on a brave face. She thinks she’s done the right thing at first because she wants to do the best thing for Gary.

Nicola and Gary then have a heated exchange in the street where she tells him that he IS the dather. Why does Nicola change her mind?
Nicola starts to feel guilty about the fact that she hasn’t told Gary the truth because she believes that a child has a right to know it’s father and she’s wrestling with the guilt of that, particularly due to her own story of paternity. Her entire life she was lied to about who her real father was - for better or for worse! She knows she doesn’t really want to do that to her child and she doesn’t know how to deal with that.

Is she worried about the rest of the street finding out?
Nicola really doesn’t want Sarah to find out - she wants to be quite respectful despite going to bed with her boyfriend! The other people she is worried about are Gail, Audrey, Bethany - any of the Platts! She’s quite scared of them. And also, she wouldn’t want Anna to know she was pregnant, but she feels guilty carrying her grandchild without her knowing.


The Platts are quite a family to take on, aren’t they?
They really are. We’ll have to see because often people like that can be united by common enemies.

Speaking of common enemies, Nicola is spinning a tangled web with Gary being a Windass and Anna’s son?
Nicola can see there’s something that Gary’s not telling her about Phelan and this makes her consider the mystery behind this guy and his fire, his temperament. Also, Nicola has suspicions about Phelan and Anna knows the truth about him and they see each other as enemies at the moment. But I hope one day that they get to know the truth about each other because I think they would be a formidable force.

Could we start to see a different side to Nicola?
Nicola had every intention of coming to Weatherfield and being quiet and getting on with her own life, but now everything is starting to unravel. The moment that Gary kissed her was what changed everything for her.

What’s the best thing about working with Connor McIntyre, Mikey North and Debbie Rush?
I love Connor to pieces. Debbie is hilarious and we care about our storylines so much and being true to our characters. As for Mikey North - we get on really well and love having a laugh on set. He’s made me feel like one of the lads!

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