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Coronation Street: Phelan plays new cruel trick on captive Andy

Andy's escape attempt backfired dramatically in tonight's double bill

Published: Monday, 11th September 2017 at 8:55 pm

Poor Andy Carver was back in captivity at the climax to tonight's Coronation Street after falling for a sick trick played by villainous kidnapper Pat Phelan.


Andy had been under the impression that Phelan was going to bundle him out of the country on a fake passport - but, as it turned out, there was a big catch to the plan.

Scenes just broadcast saw Andy stashed into the back of a van, only for the vehicle to crash with Phelan seemingly unconscious at the wheel.

Deciding to make a run for it, Andy hared off into nearby woodland to make his escape, not noticing that Phelan's eyes had suddenly opened and that his every move was now being tracked.


After catching up with his prey, Phelan revealed that he'd crashed the van on purpose to see whether Andy could be trusted and that - sadly - he'd failed the test.

Despite begging for another chance, Andy was soon knocked out cold by Pat and taken back to to the house where he was being held captive.

A last-minute complication came in the form of Eileen and Nicola, who had decided to pay a visit to the property and looked set to stumble on Pat's prison cellar.

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But quick-thinking Phelan ushered them out, claiming that the cellar was too dangerous for them to see. Once the pair had gone, Andy was led back to his cell, devastated to find himself locked up again.

A question mark now hangs over Andy's future: with Phelan loathe to kill his prisoner and yet convinced that he cannot be trusted, just what will become of the terrified Mr Carver?


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