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Coronation Street Phelan murder shock: Andy and Vinny are BOTH killed off

Connor McIntyre speaks out in the wake of Phelan's twisted actions

Published: Friday, 27th October 2017 at 8:55 pm

Coronation Street's hostage drama took a dark twist tonight with both Andy Carver and Vinny Ashford getting bumped off in macabre scenes.


Fans of the ITV soap saw Phelan coerce Andy into shooting Vinny after convincing him that he was responsible for the death of Michael Rodwell.

But instead of letting Andy go free (as he'd promised), evil Phelan then turned the gun on his original captive.

Despite Andy begging for mercy, Phelan made a spur of the moment decision to pull the trigger before going on to bury both bodies in a nearby lake!

Speaking tonight about why Phelan resorted to murder, actor Connor McIntyre said: "As soon as he got the gun off Andy, he registered, 'two birds, one stone'. Phelan saw an opportunity to solve a problem.

"We saw Andy say, 'I know you Pat, you're not a murderer'. But Phelan replied, 'you don't know me'. And he speaks for all of us, there. No, we don't know him. There are much darker waters here."

This is the first time that Phelan has actually been seen taking a life: late last year, he let Michael die from a heart attack, but has - up to this point - seemed reluctant to kill Andy.

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With Phelan having now crossed the Rubicon, Corrie viewers will no doubt now be wondering who could be next on Pat's hit list.

But perhaps we need look no further than nemesis Anna Windass, who remains a thorn in the side of the Weatherfield evildoer?

This evening's double bill saw Pat attempt to frame Anna following Seb's recent fall from his window cleaner's ladder. But will getting Anna arrested be enough for the bloodthirsty builder?

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One thing's for certain: the residents of Coronation Street should now be looking over their shoulder, especially if they choose to cross the homicidal Phelan.

"Phelan never forgets and Vinny is a classic example. Remember that last scene in the Rovers where Phelan said, 'best day ever'? Now what does that mean? That's where you see the danger," commented McIntyre.

But now that he's murdered someone, surely this is the beginning of the end for Phelan? "No question. This is the pebble that starts the avalanche."

And will the soap gods get justice? "It must be so and we have just woken them up out of their slumber - they're now thinking, hey, this needs sorting out. 

"But while we run up to that, whenever that is, Pat Phelan is now a very dangerous person. The journey towards his comeuppance will be very lively Im sure, because now he has a direct root to solving problems..."

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