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Coronation Street's Paul Foreman might not have justice after Kel's abuse

Hopefully there's some light at the end of the tunnel for poor Paul

Published: Wednesday, 29th January 2020 at 11:25 am

Coronation Street hasn't been the easiest of places to live for poor Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) as he's been tormented by his childhood abuser, Kel Hinchley (Joe Alessi).


Kel might be out of sight but he is by no means out of mind, and he has been seemingly creating a successful life for himself as a DJ, even using his former Weatherfield residence in backdrop to his pictures.

However, while Paul tries to move on with his life, it seems the road to recovery will be a slow and emotional one. exclusively caught up with Peter after scooping the Best Newcomer prize at the National Television Awards 2020 and he teased what's to come for his character on Coronation Street.

When asked if Paul will get a happy ending, Peter seemed unsure: "I personally don't know. I would like for there to be some justice for Paul but unfortunately in real life the majority of cases like that don't always end up positive.

"Personally it would be nice to have some closure for Paul, but as I say I don't know and I'll be interested to see what comes along."

However, Paul will be pretty busy over the coming months as he settles into life as an uncle to four babies.

While Chesney and Gemma come to terms with their new family, it seems they need all the help they can get - especially from Paul and Bernie.

Coronation Street's Paul Foreman and Kel Hinchley
Coronation Street's Paul Foreman and Kel Hinchley

"They've got four babies - that's tough," explained Peter. "I've got one and that was tough enough! It's crazy.

"Even though they've got support around them from their cousin and Paul, it still takes its toll. I don't know what's going to happen down the line but it's tough with four new babies in the house.

"At the moment I've been filming stuff with regards to Gemma, Paul being the uncle and that's what I've been playing at the moment - I think he's really enjoying it, he's got his sister, he's got four nieces and nephews and he's starting to get his mum back."

Speaking about his win at the NTAs, Peter said: "It means so much because it's the people who voted for this and they've warmed to the character so much - it's mind-blowing.


"The past year I've been with Corrie I've had the best time. I've really enjoyed it and they've been the best team to work with."

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