Coronation Street: Pat Phelan floored in shock crowbar attack!

He certainly didn't see this one coming...

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The tables have been turned on Pat Phelan in the first of tonight’s Coronation Street double bill after the villainous builder was attacked with a crowbar.


Scenes just shown saw Phelan set upon in his home by a cohort of Vinny’s, who has obviously been employed to intimidate (and maybe even silence) Pat.

Viewers now have to wait until 8.30pm to discover whether this really is it for Phelan, who is currently lying frightened and disoriented on his kitchen floor.

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As fans have already witnessed, Phelan has been seeking to intimidate Vinny, who did a flit with filched cash that Pat felt ought to have been divided with him.

After finding out that Vinny’s mum Flora resides at a nearby nursing home, Phelan made sure he was on the scene when the elderly lady received a FaceTime call from her son and wasted little time in making some veiled threats.

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But having put the frighteners on Vinny, Phelan has now obviously reaped a whirlwind in the form of the thug who has invaded his home.

Why he didn’t hear the guy stomping down the stairs was a bit of a mystery, but perhaps wily Pat is merely biding his time before regaining the upper hand? Only time will tell…

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