Pregnant Nicola Rubinstein managed to stay one step ahead of Pat Phelan in tonight's Coronation Street - but only by faking a worry about the health of her unborn child.


Friday's double bill saw Phelan follow Faye to Nicola's flat, where he almost discovered Seb living on the premises.

A quick-thinking Nicola managed to hide Seb in the bedroom before pretending that she was having problems with the baby. Fearing that his daughter was having a miscarriage, Phelan rushed Nicola to the hospital, where doctors made reassurances that she was expecting a healthy baby boy.

In the aftermath of the health 'scare', Phelan asked Nicola to move into Number 11 with him and she accepted - later assuring Gary that she knows what she's doing and that being so close will give her greater opportunity to catch Phelan out.


Next week's episodes will the battle between Phelan and Gary hot up again when the murdering builder’s behaviour makes his rival even more suspicious – are Pat’s sinister secrets about to be exposed?

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Phelan will be seen getting jittery as the development project gets underway at the disused mill where he buried victims Andy Carver and Vinny Ashford in the adjacent lake.

As part of the ‘keep your enemies close’ plan, Gary is working with Phelan on the job, and he’s intrigued when he notices Pat flinch ever so slightly during a conversation with the mill developer… The blokes eye each other suspiciously on the site as Gary tries to work out what Pat has just heard.


Surely the bodies haven’t been found already? Or has further evidence of Phelan’s murderous activities emerged on the site?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week's drama on Coronation Street below


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