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Coronation Street lines up clash between newcomer and Tracy?

Tracy will have thoughts on Nicky's job!

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Published: Tuesday, 23rd June 2020 at 11:52 am

With Coronation Street favourite Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) learning that the woman he left the bar with is a sex worker, he is left reeling from the revelation.


But actress and fashion designer Kimberly Hart-Simpson who plays newcomer Nicky thinks it could be Daniel's half-sister that she has the biggest problem with.

Speaking to and other press, Simpson wondered how feisty Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) would react if she learned that her brother was seeing a sex worker - and she thinks that there could be fireworks on the way if the two women met.

"I reckon Tracy will have something to say about [Nicky's] job," said Simpson of the potential future clash, adding: "Once you get past that initial shock of what someone does you can’t ignore that they’re an actual human being."

"Imagine her and Tracy having words about that- that would be fun. I don’t think Nicky will take any prisoners, she’s sparky and she’s quick and that would get right on Tracy’s nerves.”

Before joining Coronation Street, Simpson had a role on Hollyoaks and she has been reflecting on her time on the Channel 4 soap and discussing how it compares to Corrie.

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"It’s so different. The age demographic is so different as well and they use single camera there - so you do the same scenes so many times but here with multi-cam you do it in half the time.

She did add that she has nothing but fond memories of her time on Hollyoaks saying: "They’re both lovely places to work and I had a great time [there] and a lot of my friends work there too. I have a lot of time for that place."

ITV recently announced some Coronation Street specials that will delve into some of the many memorable stories the soap has had over its 60-year run. It has also been revealed that older cast members may still appear on the soap despite the social distancing measures they have been forced to take.


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