Coronation Street: Liz is SACKED after she betrays Eva – here’s what happens next

A dramatic double bill saw a shock showdown take place in the Rovers


Coronation Street stalwart Liz McDonald has been ousted from her job as barmaid at the Rovers Return after getting Eva Price into trouble with social services. Tonight’s double bill of the ITV soap saw Eva take her baby daughter Susie to the medical centre after the newborn rolled off the sofa in the back room of the pub. But instead of keeping patient details to herself, Liz – who also has work behind the reception desk at the GPs’ – blabbed to on-off love interest Johnny, who is already out to get custody of his granddaughter.


As it turned out, Susie hadn’t suffered any injuries, but this didn’t stop Johnny from contacting the authorities. When a social worker then showed up at the Weatherfield boozer, Eva vowed to get revenge on whoever had made the complaint.


The new mum didn’t have long to wait when Johnny arrived at the bar and gloated about what he’d done. Putting two and two together, Eva then realised that Liz must have told the Connor family patriarch about what had gone on. As an act of retaliation, Toyah then dismissed Liz, while Eva advised Moira to take similar action due to the breach of patient confidentiality. Cliffhanger scenes then saw Eva tell Johnny that he will never see his grandchild again.

Due to continuing World Cup coverage, Coronation Street fans will now have to wait until Friday to discover what happens next. But what we can reveal is that Johnny will be seen apologising to Liz for getting her the sack. In response, Liz feels that she can’t hold back any longer and tells Johnny that she loves him. But how will Johnny react?


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