Coronation Street’s Kevin Webster makes a silly mistake – has he sealed Abi’s prison fate?

He followed his heart, not his head

Coronation Street Kevin

Coronation Street’s Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) really will never learn.


He’s been chasing Abi Franklin (Sally Carmen) for the past couple of months and while she hasn’t been into him, his shock decision this evening (Monday 17th February) might have turned her head.

Fans will recall at the end of last week, she torched dodgy Ray’s car and this week, we’ll see the implications of why she should have thought properly about that decision – naughty Abi.

She thought she’d got away with it – as you do – until Ray promised her he would be getting justice for the crime against him.

Abi immediately lawyered herself up and sought an alibi from good old Sally (Sally Dynevor).

But, as all Coronation Street fans could see coming, Sally wouldn’t help her out, on account of not wanting to get into trouble herself – we can’t blame her really, considering you wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of the police or Ray.

Coronation Street Abi

Abi was naturally dragged into the police station, where lawyer Paula was on hand to issue her advice: “No comment.”

It seemed the mechanic was in for a bit of trouble when all of a sudden, her knight in shining armour arrived and provided her with an alibi.

Yes, Kevin foolishly put Abi first and insisted they were together all night, even though Abi said she was watching the television on the night of the car torching.

The drama gods caught up with the pair as they shared a passionate smooch on the cobbles and that pesky detective wanted to speak to both of them urgently.

He had some pretty bad news for Kevin and Abi – Kevin’s van had been tracked on CCTV of the night in question, thus throwing their whole alibi into question.

The pair tried to backtrack, and insist they were going together to get a very specific car part, but have they done enough to convince the copper?


And has their innocent lying landed them right in the middle of it?

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