Coronation Street: Kevin rejects Sophie’s offer of help with Jack – watch the scene

Is their father-daughter bond broken for good?


Kevin Webster is still finding it hard to forgive Sophie in this new clip from next week’s episodes of Coronation Street. With Jack’s diagnosis of sepsis having led to the amputation of his foot, Kevin has been traumatised about what the future holds in store for his son. Scenes to be shown on Monday see Kevin and Sophie speaking to a specialist, who explains that Jack will now be transferred to a rehabilitation centre in Liverpool.


But when Sophie offers to help in any way she can, Kevin knocks her back, saying that she’s had plenty of chances to see Jack before now and that he doesn’t want her involved in the transfer from Weatherfield General.

So will Kevin eventually realise that Sophie isn’t to blame for what has happened to Jack? Or is the broken bond between father and daughter now irreparable?


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