Coronation Street: Kate and Rana quizzed by the police after shock attack – see the scene

Will Zeedan be put in the frame for assault?


Kate and Rana will have their whereabouts probed on Monday’s Coronation Street following an attack on them that has left a local thug in hospital. As Corrie fans know, a lecherous Weatherfield local by the name of Phil made a grab for the two women in last Friday’s double bill, only for Zeedan to intervene and knock the guy out. The trouble is, Zee’s actions resulted in Phil being stretchered off to A&E, all of which has left the Speed Daal owner fretting that he could be arrested for assault and banged up.

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In this newly released scene, an investigating officer can be seen calling round to see Rana and Kate and asking them whether they encountered Phil on the Street following their initial encounter in a  local bar. The pair deny having seen Phil again, but the uniformed policeman says that Phil insists that he turned up on Coronation Street wanting to ‘apologise’ only to be set upon by an ‘Asian male’ between 5ft 7in and 6ft in height.

Kate and Rana act dumb, claiming not to know anyone who matches that description. But guilt is weighing heavily on Zeedan and – later on – he announces that he’s packing in the restaurant and leaving town…


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