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Coronation Street prepares to reveal Johnny and Scott's dark secret

We're about to find out the backstory between the boys.

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Published: Friday, 28th August 2020 at 5:30 pm

The mysterious past of Rovers Return landlord Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley) is set to be revealed at last, finally filling in fans on the dark secret the Coronation Street publican shares with creepy Scott Emberton (Tom Roberts).


Newcomer Scott arrived back in April to rent a room at the Weatherfield inn and instantly recognised the publican, who panicked at seeing him. Publicly, the pair publicly insisted they were old mates who lived on the same estate, but ambiguous, tense conversations in private about an incident they had both been involved with suggested bad blood between them.

Scott goaded jittery Johnny he'd blab and drove him to flee for an extended holiday to France over the summer, presumably so he could figure out his next move and try and maintain Scott's silence.

Now Johnny's back, full of jitters that his old 'mate' is still hanging around and making worried wife Jenny very suspicious her husband is hiding something.

On Friday 28th August he is face to face with Scott again who demands a little chat to clear the air - it's time they settled their score once and for all.

Viewers will have to wait until the next episode on Monday 31st August for the full explanation, but Corrie have confirmed the lads committed a terrible crime more than 40 years ago and that Johnny did a runner and left Scott to face the consequences of their illegal actions.

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Vengeful Scott enjoys watching Johnny squirm and will continue to make his presence felt among the Connor couple, charming Jenny and getting his feet under the table in the Rovers backroom. How long before Johnny's family discover his shady past?

Fans, including, have speculated wildly about what Scott is holding, you can read our initial Johnny's secret theories, and see what you make of our latter hunch Mr Emberton might turn out to be Carla Connor's biological father.

The full disclosure sets up a huge story for Johnny and his clan set to play out over the autumn, with hints it could form the building blocks to a plot that could be part of Corrie's upcoming 60th anniversary in December. How far will Johnny go to shut Scott down? And will his family turn their back on him when they learn the truth?


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