The truth is finally out - Coronation Street's Jade Rowan (Lottie Henshall) is the secret daughter of murderer John Stape, the deceased husband of Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine) and dad to unruly kid Hope.


The nasty nanny is pretending to be Fiz's best mate but it's all a deceptive ruse to infiltrate her life and avenge her father in true Hand That Rocks the Cradle style. Fans discovered the truth on Wednesday 27th November when Jade laid flowers at a grave revealed as John's as whispered through tears: "I love you, Dad…"

Now she's able to speak freely, Henshall has reacted to the unexpected development: here's her take on the twist and a tease about how far Jade is prepared to go to cause maximum havoc for her ex-stepmum…

Did you know always know Jade's true identity?
Yes, I knew the basic outline of the story but not all the twists and turns that followed. I could never have imagined how the story would pan out.

Has it been hard to keep it a secret?
I am so relieved I can finally talk about it! I haven't told anyone apart from my mum, as she always runs my lines with me. My dad doesn't like to know what is happening so he found out with the viewers.

Were you aware of the John Stape storyline?
Myself and my family are massive Corrie fans and I remember the story well. I also did a lot of research and watched old episodes where John was killing people and then when he died. It's incredible to be part of such a big storyline that harks back over a decade.

What is Jade's ultimate goal?
She has been lied to by her mum her whole life and been told so many things about Fiz that are untrue. Jade has been brainwashed and now wants to keep Hope, her sister, safe from a woman she sees as a danger. It is a very complex situation, and Jade is a victim herself in many ways.

What will her next move be now viewers know who she really is?
In Friday's episode Fiz and Tyrone tell her Hope is going back to school so they don't need her any more. She is furious that it's all slipping away and we see her really lose control, she starts smashing things up but outwardly pretends she has got a new job and is fine about leaving. But she gives Hope a burner phone so she can keep in touch and tells her to keep it a secret.

coronation street jade rowan fiz stape hope stape

Does she plan to take Hope from her family?
Jade is going to do everything she can to get Hope way from Fiz and Tyrone. We have seen her use make-up to put fake bruises on Hope and photographing them - that is going to be used by her to cause maximum damage.

Is she trying to seduce Tyrone?
A lot of people think that, but she doesn't see him in that way. She is manipulating the situation to get him on side and to disagree with Fiz. There are so many fan theories. Someone came up to me and thought the twist was going to be that Jade was in love with Fiz! The reaction has been fantastic, viewers love to hate Jade which means it's working. Tyrone and Fiz are such well-loved characters and she is causing them so many problems - I don't mind Jade being hated as that is what you're supposed to feel!


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